Being kind to myself and finding my MORE, is EXHAUSTING!

I skipped drinks for 2 weeks (out of choice), had super early nights (like 8.30pm), cooked up a healthy frenzy (that only Joe Wicks himself would be proud of), drank buckets of water and, Im SHATTERED.

Is this the norm? Am I already in ‘the zone’ feeling super relaxed and my body is fighting the zen? Or am I just suffering from kackeredmumitis and need to man up. so, as an update about looking after myself I met Barrie from Fluxus Fitness – Fitness & Well-being Coach and LOVE his ethos! St Albans locals will know him as Bootcamp Barrie but let me tell you there is whole other side to him and the business.

Each week focuses on a different area of nutrition and wellbeing – prep, breakfast, water intake, sleep & meditation, lunch, family life, sugar reduction, hormones – so you tackle each part head on without being thrown in at the deep end. Flux Fitness are constantly working with different specialists to ensure the course has maximum impact and is always evolving.

I’m not mentally ready for bootcamp sessions and am being mindful that I need to do one thing at a time or my brain goes into meltdown. I’ve signed up for Great in 8. “A Gradual Better You”. On paper, (online) it suits me to a T. Starting on January 28th, for 8 weeks at a cos of £70 (£9.99 weekly) it covers what I need, want to try, haven’t even thought of – the list goes on.

  • 15-20 minute workout video emailed every week – no equipment needed
  • Mindfulness and meditation exercises
  • Yoga sessions online
  • Advice and support from Nutritional Therapist Michelle Lake (co author of Packed: Lunch Hacks and Recipes to Squeeze More Nutrients Into Your Day)
  • An app to track performance
  • Members only FB support group
  • An optional outdoor fitness session (St Albans Location)
  • After 8 weeks the option to sign up for ongoing support

Who wants to join me? Fluxus Fitness have offered the first 30 St Albans Mums who sign up for the ‘Great in 8’ programme FREE access to the Graduate Programme.

This runs for a year and is worth £120. For me, this is the critical time – I don’t want to take 2 steps forward and 1 back! Barrie and his team are ready for us.

So today is Sunday, i ‘start’ in 8 days. I’ve already downloaded the app and am tracking, I’ve also ramped up my daily water intake and stolen my sons Fitbit. Wish me luck.

To sign up

Karen x

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