Underactive Thyroid – anyone else? I’m text book. It’s a common condition and easily treatable. Daily tablets for the rest of my life – though I still experience all of my symptoms. I’ve started to explore routes to minimise at least some of them and generally improve my health!

My diminishing brows are the easiest part of my thyroid condition to deal with and see. It’s an acceptance that after 10 years on medication they are definitely on the way out. It’s not the only visible sign though. Mine was caught early after my first pregnancy which is, when the doctors think it started.

Early, obvious symptoms for me included weight gain, sometimes a puffy face – but mainly sunken eyes, thinning eyebrows, dry skin and less obvious a slightly slower heart rate, acute hearing loss (30% in one ear now) and at times fatigue. So what now?

I’ve consulted with Nutritional Therapist Nadine at BHealthy (The Quadrant, St Albans). Once we started going into all of my health history we realised it was beyond the shop floor so booked a home visit. Nadine asked me an hours worth of questions about me, my health, child births, my parents health, lifestyle etc and then came back a few days later with her feedback on what support I need. A place to start!

As well as the main focus of supplements from B Healthy she looked into which elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine my symptoms fall into. It’s all so interesting and shows that other health issues I have are all interlinked and cause a never ending cycle of symptoms.

So this is my New Year start to finding out my ‘MORE’. I’m taking on board, step by step guides of what to eat to boost health around my thyroid condition and what to substitute to break the symptom cycle. I don’t feel cheated like I have to cut anything out as Nadine has rounded up replacements and options. Watch this space… 

I haven’t listed which supplements and food changes I’m making as everyone is different. But I am still researching thyroid conditions and options – would love to hear from you! If you have any health concerns or conditions and would like to consult with Nadine then visit her or any of the team at BHealthy I am in no way a health specialist or giving medical advise just putting it out there that there are options.

Coming soon… let’s talk about anxiety and stress!

Karen x

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