More school holidays are rushing towards us, it feels like yesterday we were shutting the door to February Half Term yet here we go again! And to top it off we have already been sent a school email to let us know next term is a ‘QUICK ONE’ – 5 weeks long, 3 of which are only 4 day weeks…

With over 2 weeks to fill, 3 children and a husband that travels with work I started prepping our time off last week. We have managed to wangle a few days abroad so let the packing commence. I have outlined my Top Travel Takes if you need some inspiration.

My eldest gets booked in for a hair cut the week before the kids break up, I have spent many a Friday afternoon as school’s out miserably queuing for hours on end. We visited Alternative Barbering Co (George Street, St Albans) this week which is a favourite of my husband too and had a bit of luck when they squeezed in a fringe trim for the little one.

Online bookings mean there are no queues or waiting, they are brilliant cutters for all ages. Other shops are located in Harpenden and Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

I caught up with Kirsty from The Mummy Sphere who gives me a weekly update on what is going on for families in Hertfordshire. She has a great round up for the Easter Holidays including LOTS of Easter Egg hunts. We will be booking into Burston Garden Centre for their Easter Activities, the kids (2 and then 4) really enjoyed their Christmas trail and grotto and the recent rock painting session in February. If you would like to follow myself and Kirsty on our Instagram ‘lives’ then tune in every Wednesday @stalbansmums for our #wednesdaywitterings or catch up on IGTV.

Visiting Beauty by Pina for a LVL lash lift was probably the most relaxing hour of my week. To outline what the treatment does – it has changed my life (by the way) – the lashes are tinted, lifted like a perm from the roots and it makes them appear darker, longer and thicker. No idea how but I went from a tired, closed eye, old bag to feeling a million percent better. Take a look, but I do feel this was a needed holiday prep and a real treat – it lasts around 6 weeks and is zero maintenance. Pina has teamed forces with another beauty local and together they will be opening a new salon House of Beauty in St Albans. Check out their page that shows all of the treatments they are planning.

Then… the longest day of my life last Thursday – we went into London to apply for a fast track passport for mentioned few days away. A round trip of 5 hours and only at the Passport Office for a mere 30 minutes. How did it take that long! Could it have been the 30 minutes it took me to park and walk to St Albans City Station, or the constant bathroom stops for Syd who is toilet training, or maybe the longest walk in the history of underground life from Kings Cross to the Victoria Line and the 65 lifts to negotiate getting there.

My highlight trip to MAC Cosmetics in St Pancreas left me bitter when I left my purchases at the shop. And to top it off my buggy wheels fell off (!!!!) and ended up on the track when we arrived at St Albans again – cue another 30 minute stroll to the car park. Not sure i can even carry on – but its safe to say when Friday arrived and hubby flew home to do football at 8.00am.

Have a good one…

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